Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers of All Time - 2022

Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers of All Time – 2022

Music is very popular in Goa. Goa has produced a number of prominent musicians and singers.

In this article I have ranked the top 5 female singers of all time and some of their famous all-time hit songs.

Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers


Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers of All Time - 2022

1- Lorna Cordeiro

Lorna Cordeiro – the living legend, pure dynamic and extremely famous Konkani language singer from the coastal state of Goa

Jazz-Pop star born on 9 August in the year 1944 in South Goa of Bardez, her grandfather and father were lovers of Jazz music so it’s all in the family.

She has spent most of her live-in Mumbai Dhobitalao and studied up to matriculation.

Since she had that knack for music and singing her family always supported her.

She became Goa’s top singer and rose to fame under Chris Perry since the year 1963 and sang some of the greatest Konkani songs:

Top 10 Songs of Lorna Cordeiro

1. Abghad Kelo – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

2. Calangute – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

3. Amizad Franklinachi – Lyrics: Lawrence de Tiracol 

4. Adeus – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

5. Sorgar Rajeant – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

6. Kantaram Kortam – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

7. Aik Re khobrekara – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

8. Noxibak Roddtam – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

9. Amerikak Pauxi – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

10. Tuzo Mog – Lyrics & music: Chris Perry

Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers


Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers of All Time-2022

2 – Nephie Rod

Nephie Rod is one of the most sought singers in Konkani music field and has won the hearts of many Konkani music lovers. 

At the age of approximately 12 years, she started singing in church choirs. Her father always encouraged her to sing in her mother tongue Konkani.

Nephie soon realized that she had a lot of opportunities in Konkani music field to showcase her true potential.

As a professional singer in the leading orchestra groups of Mumbai, Nephie got an opportunity to do a lot of shows in different parts of India

In the year 1995, she got nominated for the best female singer category award in both the first and second Konkani Global Music Awards of Mandd Sobhann.

Top 10 songs of Nephie Rod

1. Feni – Lyrics: Albert Pinto & music Acacio Pereira

2. Pixem Mhaka Muntat Lok – Music Tony Dias

3. Mogacho Suskar – Lyrics: Big Mac & Music: Acacio Pereira

4. Mog – Music: Joaquim D’souza

5. Vhoddponn – Lyrics: Sylvester Vaz & Music: Norman Cardozo

6. Sant Juze Vaz – Lyrics: Trindade & Music: Joaquim D’souza

7. Dis To Udelo – Lyrics: Melvin Mario & Music: Felipe Barreto

8. Moronn Koslem – Lyrics: Jr. Reagan & Music/Trumpet: Seby Moraes

9. Sweet 16 – Lyrics: Michael D’silva & Music: Josinho D’souza

10. Moji Mogachi Mai – Lyrics: Francisco Fernandes & Music: Emiliano Da Cruz


Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers


Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers of All Time - 2022

3 – Hema Sardesai

Hema Sardesai hails from the coastal south state of Goa – Parra and was born in Mumbai. Her talent was initially discovered by her school teacher at the age of 6 and actually started singing at the age of 8 years during the Navarathri celebrations.

But her first public performance was at the age of just 11 when she performed in Goa at Campal Panjim who was acclaimed later as ‘the youngest and the best singer of Goa’

Thereafter there was no looking back as she took singing seriously and professionally.

The family supported her throughout even though her father was a doctor. 

Besides being a singer she is also a lyricist and composer and her genres are Indian classical music, Folk and Indipop. She has performed numerous live stage shows worldwide.

Hemaa has sung for many Bollywood films besides singing in Konkani. In the year 2013, she composed and sang three Konkani songs for the English Film titled the Coffin Maker.


Top 5 Songs of Hema Sardesai

1. Oh Goenkara – Lyrics: Aeral Paul & Music: Ryan Mark

2. Poilech Nodrek – Lyrics: Mrose & Music: Selvyn J.C. Braganca

3. Noketr Udentichem – Lyrics & Music: Chris Perry

4. Cu cu ru cu – Lyrics & Music: Chris Perry

5. Sounsar Mouzen Sar – Lyrics: Neves Oliveira & Music: Macroy Rodrigues


Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers


Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers of All Time-2022


4 – Sonia Shirsat

Sonia Shirsat resident of Ponda taluka born in the year 1980 to a Roman Catholic mother and Hindu father. She was a lecturer of law and bagged an international award for her speaking skills.

This former Law Professor can sing in 13 different languages. She has been promoting Fado by holding various introductory classes in Goa.

She is the only Fado singer in the Indian subcontinent presently.

Antonio Chainho a Portuguese guitarist who had come down to Goa from Lisbon was in search of a singer who could sing Fado.

Sonia has that voice that suits perfectly for Fado singing and this came as a turning point in her life. Since then she has gained immense knowledge of Portuguese.

Sonia also sang fado in concerts of international artists in prominent places in Goa such as Kala Academy, Clube Vasco and in resort hotel Cidade de Goa.

She has been a professional singer since the year 1999. 

Top 5 Songs of Sonia Shirsat

  1. Tumkanch lagon – Lyrics: Edwin D’costa & Music: Norman Cardozo
  2. Alfred Rose – Lyrics: Sammy Tavares & Music: Norman Cardozo
  3. Goa Mhojem Goa – Lyrics: Socorro de Santa Cruz
  4. Yo Moga – Lyrics: Christopher Roshan Lobo & Music: Krisben
  5. Konkanicho Bavtto – Lyrics: Sammy Tavares & Music: Norman Cardozo


Goa’s Top 5 Female Singers


Rita Rose - Goa's Top Sinbger

5 – Rita Rose

Rita Rose was born and brought up in Mumbai and acted first time in Alfred Rose show Monis vo Devnchar while she was still in School.

Rita Rose sang for almost 35 years with Alfred Rose in various musical shows in London, Paris, Frankfurt & Middle East. She has three children Schubert, Englebert and daughter Alria.

Rita Rose has also acted in Konkani Film ‘Boglantt’ with Prem Kumar


 Top 10 Songs Rita Rose

 1. Gagreachem Mana – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

2. Bomboichi Birmoti – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

3. Tuzo Samball Kortelim – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

4. Nouro Maka Zai – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

5. Mozo Dhir Adar – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

6. Kazar Zaunchea Adim – Singers: Rita Rose & Alfred Rose – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

7. Tin Kallzam – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

8. Shopping Naka – Singers: Rita Rose & Alfred Rose – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

9. Mogacho Edu – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose

10. Anvdde Tujhe Sompoi – Singers: Rita Rose & Alfred Rose – Lyrics & music: Alfred Rose


This article is written based on my judgement’s of the singers. Everyone has the right to differ and leave any comments if wishes.


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