Morie Krista Maie Konkani Mother Mary Song

Morie Krista Maie | Konkani Mother Mary Song

Morie Krista Maie | Konkani Mother Mary Song


Konkani Mother Mary Song




Chorus: Morie krista maie
Tum amchi mai sorgim
Ulo martanv maie
Ami tijim bhurgim (X2)

1. Tum Amchi mai
Tum Amkam zai
Tuje sorxim ietanv
Pidde Vighnamt
Mai tuzo adhar magtanv

2. Pap adharlem
Tuka sandlem
Veng marli dusmanak
Punn ekleach putak
Dhunvcheak patok
Diloi hea mhonxeakullak

3. Ami karun chuk
Khursar melo poot
Kitlem Maie soslem dook
Mag Maie sodanch
Tujea puta lagim
Bhogchunk amchi
Ek eak chook



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