Backbachem Varem - Robin Vaz

Backbachem Varem – Robin Vaz

Backbachem Varem – Robin Vaz


Lyrics: Robin Vaz

Vocalist: Robin Vaz

Brief History of Late Robin Vaz


Robin Vaz was born in the year 1932 and died in the year 2002 (November 16)

He started his carrier at the age of 20 years in Mumbai.

He is well-known for Goan folk songs, he is an actor, singer, writer, and director.


Brief outline of the song – Backbachem Varem – Robin Vaz


He reached the first time to Mumbai

Upon reaching Mumbai he stayed in Dhobitalo in the club.

He went with friends to see Backbay

When he saw different people there he felt happy

He says it’s beautiful with the cool breeze

To feel the breeze and to see different people there

I am also feeling the breeze, nice breeze, the beautiful Backbay breeze

Before reaching Mumbai city

Went to Rani Bhag museum runningly

Ho ho what a beautiful place Mumbai

Here all people are happy whatever it might be

After finishing the work in the office, going and sitting at Backbay

The body feels good after feeling the cool breeze

Then we go home before it gets too late

If you look at Mumbai properly

Mumbai looks like Hollywood

People in the evenings go to Backbay to get a feel of the breeze

People hold hand in hand and walk

Aaha very good Mumbai, People in the evenings go to Backbay

Girls and boys, men and ladies feel happy and gay when they are at Backbay

In reality my friend, Mumbai gives you happiness night and day


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Goeam than poilech pautt Bombaim au ailom

Eun dhobitalo kotri korun ravlom

Ixttam barim ek dis Backbay pollounk gelom

Sabar toreche lokak polloun khoxi zalom

Sangtam khorem, kai borem, marta tem thond-thond varem

Backbaychem khaunk varem, sabar lokhachem birem

Anvui khatam, varem purem, hey kai borem backbaychem varem (Repeat)

Bombaychea xarant pavna fuddem au

Rani bhag meusem pollounk gelom marun dhanv

Ha ha kitlo sobit bomboimcho ganv

Angor sogott khuxeal borit kitem zanv

Offisache sunttokoch, backbay voson bostokoch

Jivak amchea, khuxi bogta, backbaychem varem khatokoch

Ghara ami, vosonk vetam, aimorechi ghantt vaztokoch (Repeat)

Bombaycher sarki nodor marxi ixtta

Bombay pollounk sarkem hollywood dista

Lok sanjeacho varek backbay veta

Eka-mekache athak ath ghalun cholta

Aaha very good bombay, lok sanjecho veta backbay

Chedde cheddvam daddle bailo, sogott angor happy and gay

Korench ixtta, hench bombaichem happiness night and day (Repeat)


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