BOA NOITE MEU AMOR – Usha Iyer & Chris Perry

BOA NOITE MEU AMOR – Usha Iyer & Chris Perry 

BOA NOITE MEU AMOR LYRICS – Usha Iyer & Chris Perry





Boa Noite meu amor,
I was so happy dancing with you, I really mean it,
Boa Noite meu amor,
I was so lucky to hold you tight, the whole night through,
The night was a lovely night,
You said you loved me but we will part within a day,
Now everything is over, we may not see each other forever,
If you love me I wish you boa noite meu amor.

Boa noite meu amor,
Khoxen anv bhorlim, urben anv nachlim, pott boromsor,
Boa noite,meu amor
Ugddas vechonam, aizchea raticho anv moromsor,
Ti rath, koxechi rath, mogan uloilim, anv tujea vengen assomsor,
Ekech rathicho mog, kednaim meuchim noxib assot tor,
Antam vetam mhunnon adeus, Boa nuite meu amor,
Boa Noite meu Amor.

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