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I Always Love You With All My Heart – Lorna | Mangoansongs

I Always Love You With All My Heart – Lorna




I always love you with all my heart
Hope someday you love me too
Waiting to kiss you and hold you tight
Hoping my dreams will come true

I am afraid some day you will leave me
Darling say the words that you will always love me
No one will love you the way I do
Hoping my dream will come true

Sodanch rau anjea, tum mojea kalzant,
Mog mozo tum kortai tor,
Auvuin rautelim vengoicheak tuka,
Bez diun sopon purem kor,

Tum eta tum ek diss maka sangxi
Jurar zaa moga maka sandchonai mhunn
Avem tuzo mog kuddient rigoila
Nirmol hem kaliz chirrun


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