Old Song – Ghantt – Konkani Song by Bab Peter

Old Song – Ghantt – Konkani Song by Bab Peter

Old Song – Ghantt – Konkani Song by Bab Peter

Brief Points On Bab Peter’s Life

Bab Peter was his stage name his original name was Francis Peter Thomas D’souza

He was born on 10 November 1953 and died on 19 February 2005

He released five audio Cd’s namely

Konknni Motiam



Tourist Center


– The last album was  dedicated to his wife which was released just a year before he passed away

His wife’s name was Ophelia and they have one lovely daughter named Tatum D’souza commonly known as Babli who is also a singer with a beautiful voice.

Ophelia was also a stage actor like Bab Peter, both had fallen in love with each other on the stage and later got married and continued to serve and perform on various shows & tiatr’s (Dramas).

Their love story was one of its kinds on the tiatr stage which made headlines in the ’70s

Ophelia died on 19 February 2016, the same date as Bab Peter expired.

Bab Peter besides being a talented actor was also a talented and classy lyricist. Bab Peter and Ophelia dedicated their lives to each other and for the love of Konkani and for the Konkani stage.


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Old Song – GHANTT – Bab Peter lyrics: Roseferns





Dis zalo mhunn gomoita, kannant avaz sokallimcho,

Devacho ugddass korunk xinkoita, avaz donparamcho,

Rath zali mhunn gomoita, vell zatoch aimorecho,

Christanvank ho vhodde gorjecho, toch avaz te ghanttecho


Ghantt akho sonvsar gazoita, amchim festam porbo zatanam,

Ghantt khuxealkai rigoita, amchim bhurgim komoineanv ghetanam,

Ghantt amkam sogleank ansoita, munis zolmon taka Christanv kortanam

Ghant amkam sogleank roddoita, ami moron fondan vetanam…


Bhurgim vaddon zatoch vodlim, mai paiche girestkaiek zogoddta,

Tanchi doulot apnnak meuchea pasot, tamkam veginch moronk magta,

Aikotoch avaz tea ghanttecho, tim apleach bitor guspota

Aiz maka ani faleam tuka, hacho ghantt amkam ugddass kaddta


Ghantt dhormachi nixeanim, sukh dukh gomta ti vaztanam

Mornam, festam, porbo sobo nam, ghanttecho avaz nastanam

Thodde gorban ticho sangat visorta, tim yetat ugddass kadinastanam

Punn ghantt tancho sangat soddinam, vazta zolman tosoch tim mortanam.


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Old Song – Ghantt – Konkani Song by Bab Peter


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