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Pisso – Lorna | Old Hit Konkani Song | Mangoansongs

Pisso – Lorna | Evergreen Old Hit Konkani Song



Lyrics & Music by: Chris Perry


Pisso – Lorna – Lyrics


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Amchea sezreak assa pisso,
Taka vorsam assat visso,
Soddta mogache ullhaso,
Kantar korta oso.

CH: yeo, yeo, moga moga, gopant dorunk axetam tuka……2
La la la la la….ha ha ha ha ha….2
la la la la la …ha ha ha ha….2

Tache oklechem nanv bella,
Tannem pisso taka kela,
Oklek boltoch gheun gela,
Dekun pisso zala.

Repeat…CH: Yeo, Yeo moga moga gopant dorunk axetam tuka……2

Sangtam bhavuch mhunnon khaxe,
Mogan poddo nakat toxe,
Tumi zait tor pixe,
Kantar korat oxe
Repeat….CH: …Yeo, Yeo, moga moga…. gopant dorunk axetam tuka……2


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