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Ye Johnny Ye – Rita Rose

Ye Johnny Ye – Rita Rose

Lyrics And Music by: Alfred Rose

Vocals: Rita Rose



Ye Johnny Ye – Lyrics


Mogan poddon anv zalim kazar
Ghorkar mozo kopit assa tarvar
Apurbaen bej diun hea pollear
Gelo mhunn, suskarun, zatam bejar

Ye Johnny ye ani gopan maka ghe
Ye Johnny ye ani gopan maka ghe
Kopit tum assai tarvacher, nodor ghaltai somdiracher
Ye Johny ye, begin nodor ghal mojer

Kazarachem amrut chaklemnam
Kazar kitem tenvuim gomlemnam
Begin vexi mhunnonn chintlem nam
Roddtam anv, ut’tana, bostanam

Ye Johny ye ani gopant maka ghe
Ye Johny ye ani gopant maka ghe
Kopit tum vhoddlea tarvacho
Kopit tum mojea kallzacho
Ye Johny ye, uzo paloi mogacho

Fugar zatam, anv mogan tujea
Gopant dhorunk, axetam anjea
Hea kallzahco, tum zaloi rajea
Begin ye, begin ye, gheun rojea

Ye johny ye, ani gopan maka ghe
Ye Johny ye, ani gopan maka ghe
Bail tuji sakramentachi
Rani anv tuje kallzachi
Ye Johny ye, vatt polloun assa tuji


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