Chris Perry – Mangoansongs

Chris Perry – Mangoansongs | A Legend of Konkani Music

Chris Perry – Mangoansongs


Who Is Chris Perry?


Chris Perry is a legend of Konkani music. Unique Goan musician, composer and top quality songwriter.

He was a musical genius who has touched the lives of millions all around the world, a jazz exponent setting high standard music in Konkani and Hindi films too.

He was the first Goan producer for the Konkani colour film – Buierantlo Munis in 1978. He had also written the storyline for this movie, the movie had done average business at that time.

Chris also managed to romp in the most popular Hindi singer Asha Bhosle in the title song of ‘Buierantlo Munis’.

His greatest achievement is that he learnt to read and write music all by himself and earned fame as the King of Cha Cha Cha.

Most of the songs composed by him are everlasting ones that will be remembered for generations or until the music survives on this planet. Hence, his contribution to the Konkani field is immense.

Chris took the traditional Goan style of music and blended Jazz with Konkani music.


His Residence in Goa – Margao Modsai


His birth name was Christopher Pereira. Well known as, Chris Perry. His ancestral house is in Margao Modsai Borda Salcete south Goa, originally hailing from Cuncolim. He was born on 25 November 1928 and died on 25 January 2002 at the age of 74.

He was awarded the best music composer in 1974. Until now no musician has managed to touch or reach his level in the Konkani music world.

Chris Perry was also a tiatr writer who went on to stage his own tiatr’s such as Noxibantlo Nhovro, Vid Mog kornaranchem and Padricho Lob.


Chris Perry Death


January 25 2002 the legend was no more, his demise had definitely marked the end of an era in the Konkani music world.

His death came as a shock to many, he was suffering and hobbling from Parkinson’s disease and was fighting a losing battle. I wished a miracle had taken place on his illness and he would have been back again to compose more hit songs in Konkani and for his loving fans.


Dhobitalao The Famous Catholic Migrants – Mumbai


Dhobitalao the famous catholic migrant’s locality where Chris and Lorna lived nearby to each other. Chris lived at Sonapur opposite the Sao Francis Xavier in Dabul. And Lorna lives to the south of Sonapur in Guzder House.

In the year 1975, he left for Dubai where he started playing music in luxury hotels. He also established a music school where he used to train with different instruments.


Chris Perry Wife


His wife’s name is Lily D’costa, she was born on 02 April 1932 and died on 21 February 2009 and they had four sons, Giles, Glenn, Errol and Miles Perry. Chris was a very religious person and never missed reciting the daily rosary with the entire family.


Chris Perry Singer


Chris Perry sang some English, Konkani and Portuguese songs, here are two Konkani songs which I love to hear ‘From Dubai With Love”, and ‘Do Re Mi Fa. ‘

One should also listen to the Portuguese song ‘ Carolina’ with Alexandro Rozario, another beautiful song worth listening.


Chris Perry Sons Singing Konkani Classic ‘Moje Maim’


Another great composition by Chris Perry ‘Moje Maim’ his young kids Giles & Miles sang together the song was released in 1976.


Chris Perry and Lorna Relationship


Chris had heard about Lorna’s singing when she was performing at Bandra Fair for the Mount Mary’s feast which is held every September every year in Mumbai.

There used to be a program called Wigwam where Lorna was performing. When she sang the song “Under the Mango Tree” from the movie Dr. No thriller, she became an instant hit and that was the turning point for Lorna.

Chris was looking for a good crooner and when he had heard about Lorna he decided to meet her. And after meeting Lorna he trained her for 6 months and then launched her in a grand style. He moulded Lorna’s voice to perform what she is today.

He signed an agreement with Lorna and then, rest is the history.


Read the Story of Lorna


Lorna Cordeiro – Mangoansongs


Chris Perry Songs – Top Selected List


Abghat Kelo – Lorna

Red Rose – Lorna

Calangute – Lorna

Nachom-Ia Kupasar – Lorna

Bebdo – Lorna

Moje Main – Giles & Miles

Sorg Tujea Dolleanim

Lisboa – Lorna

Amerikak Pavshi – Lorna

Noxibak Roddttam – Lorna

Cu Cu Ru Ru – Tony Carr

Maddancho Soro – Tony Carr

Kaliz Boong Bang Zata – Tony Carr

Bom Jezuchea Konvetant – Mohd. Rafi

Maria – Mohd. Rafi & Lorna

Meu Amor – Usha Uthub

Tum ani Hanv – Usha Uthub

Marialina – H. Britton

Kazarachem Utor – H. Britton

Bus Conductor – H. Britton

Bandra Festak – H. Britton

Dukhrachim Chevrisam

Finally, The Goa government should honour this famous personality, a real genius for his contribution in the Konkani music field for creating and promoting music to such a saleable level. His song compositions and music still reverberates in the ears and will remain forever in the minds of the people.


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