Sorg Tujea Dolleanim – Lorna



Singer Lorna = LR & Young Chico = YC




LR:Zaun, kitlim vorsam gelim zaun
Viaj martolom, Goeam yetolom, mhunno rojea gheun
Yeun, kazar zatolom yeun
Him utram nialltam, vatt tuji polletam, dolle mollbak laun

Chitti, boroitai fottkireo chitti
Sweety, yeunk leave mevonam sweety, mevnam sweety
Fotti sothmandleo tujeo fotti
Khoulim uloilelim, chittir boroilelim, tujim utram mhunn khottim

Ravtelim, kitlo teomp mhunnon ravtelim
Lok korta bejar, sangtam kazar, natalank zatelim
Yetelim, antam natalam yetelim, Fotti marleo lokak, kitle pautti moga, lokak fott martelim

Chitti, pattoita fottkireo chitti
Sweety, yeunk tikett mevnam sweety, mevonam sweety
Fotti sothmandleo tujeo fotti
Marun maka fotti, daddtaloi chitti, boroun utram khottim

Sodta, papa kazar korunk sodta
Tegaim assat laini, dakteo bhoinni, maka lagon urta
Dhorta, maka bestoch addaun dhorta
Sang mog nam mhunn sweety, fottkireo chitti, borun kiteak dhaddta

YC: Sweety, coming down for Christmas sweety
Tiketti, planeacheo mevonam tikettti, nam tiketti
LR: Fotti sothmandinam tujeo fotti
Sogleo sampoddleo, fotti marleleo, boroun fottkireo chitti

La la la la la la
Hmm hmmm hmmmm
ye ye ye ye ye
ah ah ah ah


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