Maka Gunvddailo - Lyrics | Jerome D'Souza

Maka Gunvddailo – Lyrics | Jerome D’Souza

Maka Gunvddailo – Lyrics | Jerome D’Souza

Composer: M.Alphonso
Released on: 1968-12-31


Maka Gunvddailo – Lyrics

Jednam hanv Goeam pavlolom
Tednam chear dis mavaddea ravlom
Novo novro mhunn soglleam ki baba mogacho zalom
Mevnni mog kori konnxeak apovn
Bail chimtte kaddi dolle gunvddavn
Manv mozo ditalo konnxean votovn-votovn

Oh mhaka gunvddai-i-i-i-lo baba gunvddai-i-i-i-lo
Rat bhor daram apttovn-dopttovn bonvddailo
Ho mavaddo koslo mhaka zaito pivoilo
Punn nixam nam nixam mhaka mevnnenchea galancho

Sokallim uddtoch bailecheo ghantti
Bazarak voch hadd masleacho pantti
Mogan mevnni moji tenkon rogoddtali ganttin gantti
Titlean sasumaim dhanvon aili
Zanvieam mhunnon poxeonk lagli
Toklechi zoddai feer kaddunk zai, mhunnon votovnk lagli

Oh mhaka gunvddai-i-i-i-lo, baba gunvddai-i-i-i-lo
Rat bhor daram apttovn sansponk re lailo
Ho mavaddo koslo mhaka boroch pivoilo
Punn nixam nam nixam mhaka mevnnenchea galancho

Ek dis ghoddlo vhodd ek mister
To mure Dezembrache tisrer
Bonvddailem mevnnen ak’kem Goyem boson mhaka taxer
Thuimsor bhettlolo amig ek
Magir tamxem-dovxem distem
Hanv nokllom uprant mevnni khoim ti, hanv aslom renver

Oh mhaka gunvddai-i-i-i-lo, baba gunvddai-i-i-i-lo
Rat bhor pon’nas raundar doriear bonvddailo
Ho mavaddo koslo, baba veta thuim pivoilo
Ani chear dis mhaka zavunk nant mavaddea bailen danvddailo


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