Mog Ani Rag - Usha Iyer

Mog Ani Rag – Usha Iyer

Mog Ani Rag – Usha Iyer

Usha Iyer (a.k.a. Usha Uthup)
Music: Chris Perry


Mog Ani Rag – Lyrics


Chedde-cheddvam mogan poddtoch
Amizad tanchi ghoddtoch
Kitem zait ghoddta?
Kallzani sovostkai choddta

Kaiborim mogan bhonvtokoch
Kednaim tim zhogoddtokoch
Amizad soddta
Uprant tim dukham golloun roddta

Poilo to mog, uprant to rag
Magir re fog ani kallzak dag

Poilim borim bhonvlim mogan
Magir re kiteak ragan?
Toddun to kaido
Mog korun koslo to faido?

Cheddvan poilem utor dilem
Cheddeanuim mandun gelem
Diun re ti bhas
Mogachi bhagounk ti as

Uprant cheddeak dusrem mevlem
Mogachem ful tem bavlem
Soglleak zali dhas
Cheddvachea gomtteak poddlo fas

Mog aslolo rag re zalo
Khuim tum gelo, jurament dilolo?

Khorench chintun matxem polle
Mogak re nam khuim dolle
Mhunn’nni adleanchi
Histor hi mog kornnaranchi


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