Mog Boom Boom - Lyrics

Mog Boom Boom – Lyrics | Bab Peter

Mog Boom Boom – Sung by Bab Peter for Chris Perry


Mog Boom Boom – Lyrics


Eka cheddvacho mog hanvem kela
Hanvem jurament taka dila
Aikat sobit nanv tachem Bela
Tacho eok novro mela

Zosso fulacho kollo fulta
Tosso re baba amcho mog cholta
Zo konn eok cheddo cheddvak bhulta
Magir to mogachea zhaddar halta

Korun kantar tara Boom-Boom-Boom
Tara-ra-ra Boom, Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom
Kitem re to mog, tara Boom-Boom-Boom
Tara-ra-ra Boom, Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom

Khorench mogak tea nam xim-mer
Mog to konnamchench korinam “care”
Tea mogak lagon sodanch fer-fer
Kitle melet korun tem guerre

Mogan poddtoch poilem borem dista
Thoddoch teomp to kallzant rigon asta
Magir baba dusman ievun ghusta
Mog korun kitle babdde fosta

Khorench to mog tara Boom-Boom-Boom
Tara-ra-ra Boom, Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom
Mhaka saiba korinakai Boom-Boom-boom
Tara-ra-ra Boom, Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom

Avchit mog kallzan bhitor sorta
Ani fultem jivit katorta
Mog zaitea zannank borem korta
Thoddeank vegim sovnsarantle vorta

Kitem re mog tuka fuloita
Sukhachea painnear dholoita
Uzo laita ani paloita
Raza-patxeaiank pasun haloita

Khorench to mog tara Boom-Boom-Boom
Tara-ra-ra Boom, Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom
Hanvui bhietam zait mhunn Boom-Boom
Khorench to mog tara Boom-Boom-Boom



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