Lyrics: Ivor D’Cunha



B:Ugdass yeta maka bhurgeaponna vello, sangatan bhonvo
Hatak hath dhorun, dogaim vengent ami ravo
Bhurgeaponna vello mog vho amcho, aiz ek zaunk pavlo
Altara mukhar zurar zatam, sodanch zatolo tuzo

G.Ansiosa fiqueia espera, que pelo menhos hoje,
No dia do casamento, seria so tua
Juramos perante Deus que ate a morte seremos fieis,
e dissemos isto deante do altar
(Anxious I stayed the wait, that atleast today,
on the day of Marriage, it would be only yours.
We swear before God, up to the death we will one
And we said this infront of the altar )

B: Sodanch visvaxi rauleam, toxinch sodanch ami rauchim
G: Juramos perante O Altar, que como marido e mulher
(We swear before the altar, like husband and woman )

B.: Here I take your hand as I dance with you in my arms
G. O Coracao encheu de Alegria, tu ja es so meu
(My heart filled with Joy, you are already mine )

B: I will dance with you darling till the stars and the moon retire,
and I will keep on loving you, forever and ever.
G: Sempre te serei fiel, jurei perante O Altar
(Even I will always be loyal, I swear before the altar)

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