Sangonk Zata Zobor - Lyrics

Sangonk Zata Zobor – Lyrics

Sangonk Zata Zobor – Lyrics | Bab Peter – Melroy


Artiste – Melroy Fernandes
Producer and Director – Tatum (Babli)
Originally Sung by – Bab Peter
Written by – Domnic D’Souza
Music Arranged by – Ronnie Monsorate
Assistant Arranger – Joseph Monsorate
Background Vocals Arrangement – Ronnie Monsorate, Aaron Prudencio
Editor – Sachin Yadav

‘Sangonk Zata Zobor’ from my album ‘Omor Mogachi Kanni’ was
originally sung by my dad Bab Peter in 1965 when he was 12 years old
and written by my granddad Domnic D’Souza


Sangonk Zata Zobor – Lyrics


Sangonk zata zobor, hi mojeach gorchi khobor
Pai piyetoch gomoth ponvchi, jiv diunk veta gheun dor
Maim mhunnta mor, maim mhunnta mor, maim mhunnta mor

Pai mhunnta aplim kapddam kadd
Goddiek mhunnta darling vegim jeunk vadd
Poilo soro addunk dhadd
Maim bhirantin soroi dita poddo mhunn achem paddd
Ho koslo nadd, koslo nadd, koslo nadd

Pai pion lagta fatti, nindna sogle rati
Maim babddi pai sudrom mhunon Devak laita vati
Saddi sati, saddi sati, saddi sati.

Soro na tor zainam ekai disak
Pai sampoddla zait koslea vissak
Soro mhunnche sor korta nissak
Pion zata tight, konnak korna vaitt, sokalim veta missak
Voi missak, voi missak, voi missak

Pai piyetoch zata sonso, gharan eta tosso
Voilean mhunnta panvom zomnir doro na koso
Cholta osso, cholta osso, cholta osso

Maim mhunta pion ailo ghov
Pai piyomcho na mhunn kannak ghalta vov
Gharant yeun poddta korum dov
Hem polloun ami fuxeal zaun anseachem ghaltam fog
Tallio ho, tallio ho, tallio ho

Moje paichem nanv jaki, pionk batli zai akhi
Kitloi piyelear pavonam ti burmashell tanki
Voi tanki, voi tanki, voi tanki


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