Remo Fernandes | From Goa to Global | Career, Family & Bio

Remo Fernandes | From Goa to Global | Career, Family & Bio

Remo Fernandes is a musician born and raised in Saligao Goa, India. His music is heavily influenced by his Goan heritage, with its blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures. He started playing music at a very young age, and by the time he was 14, he was already composing songs.

Remo’s music is often about love, life, and the human experience, and it reflects the beauty of Goa’s beaches and landscapes. He is a talented musician who is deeply connected to his roots, but he is also not afraid to experiment with new sounds. His music is a testament to the power of a unique cultural upbringing, and it captures the spirit of Goa in a way that resonates with people all over the world.



Remo Fernandes: A Goan Melody:


Remo Fernandes, born and raised in the sun-drenched paradise of Goa, India, is a musical tapestry woven with sunshine, swaying palms, and the rhythm of the Arabian Sea. From a tender age of five, he took to the stage, his tiny fingers dancing on guitar strings, a hint of the magic to come. Goa, with its blend of Indian and
Portuguese cultures, became his muse, seeping into his music, infusing it with a unique flavor that would one day captivate the nation.

By the time he was 14, love songs flowed from his pen, each note a testament to the depth of his young soul. His music, echoing with the lilt of local tunes and the spirit of his beloved Goa, painted pictures of sun-kissed beaches and lush green hills. Then came the 80s, and with it, “Living on the Edge,” an album that catapulted
Remo into the national spotlight. Songs like “Yeh Hai Jalwa” and “Goan Crazy” became anthems, his voice a powerful blend of tradition and contemporary beats, a sound that was unmistakably Remo.


Bollywood Callling Remo Fernandes:


Bollywood came calling, and Remo’s music found a new canvas. He crooned soulful ballads like “Humma Humma” from “Bombay” and the playful “Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha,” each song leaving an indelible mark on the silver screen. But Remo’s heart belonged not just to music, but to his community. He became a voice for the voiceless, championing environmental causes and social justice, his music a powerful tool for change.

Through the years, awards and accolades adorned his journey, but the greatest recognition came from the hearts he touched. His music, a bridge between cultures, resonated with listeners across the globe, a testament to the power of his Goan roots.

Even today, Remo’s melody lingers, a reminder that music speaks a language beyond words, a language that binds us to our roots and carries us to distant shores. He is Goa’s troubadour, his songs a testament to the magic of this sun-drenched land, forever etched in the sands of time.


Remo Fernandes | From Goa to Global | Career, Family & Bio


Remo Fernandes: The Melody Maker of Konkani:


He holds a special place in the hearts of Konkani speakers not only because of his influence on contemporary Konkani music but also because of his timeless Konkani hits. These songs, like “[Song Name] with its evocative melody and “[Song Name]’s energetic beats, have remained etched in the minds of generations of Konkani listeners, transcending time and language barriers. Through his music, Remo Fernandes has truly preserved and enriched the soul of Konkani culture.

Rajan ani Prema
Maria Pitache
– Kuxttoba
– Adeus
– Soirim

And many more hit songs which are found easily on Youtube.


Remo Fernandes: Musical Journeys Between Goa and Porto (Portugal)


These days, Remo divides his time between the sun-drenched shores of Goa and the charming streets of Porto, Portugal. Each year, he migrates with the seasons, spending a few precious months basking in the familiarity of Goa, where his musical journey began.

He recently returned from a burst of creative energy, having poured his heart and soul into his latest album. It’s set to be his most ambitious work yet, and fans eagerly await its release in 2019, ready to be swept away by the next chapter in Remo’s musical odyssey.




Remo’s parents were Luiza Fernandes and Bernardo Fernandes. Bernardo was a businessman who started a modern aerated water factory in Goa. Remo has described his father as “strict” and his mother as “loving and supportive.”

Besides, Remo has a sister named Belinda Fernandes, who is a singer specializing in Brazilian music. Remo was married to Frenchwoman Michele Delahaye for some time. They have two sons together, Noah and Jonah. Some sources claim they’re divorced, but this information is not officially confirmed.


Remo Fernandes | From Goa to Global | Career, Family & Bio
With parents – Image credit: Blog


Remo Fernandes: More Than Just a Musician


Music is his best friend. Remo doesn’t just love music, he lives and breathes it. It’s his comfort zone, his way of expressing himself, and his connection to the world.

Cities aren’t his thing.

He’d rather be out exploring new places, feeling the sand between his toes, and breathing in the fresh air of nature. He’s a traveler at heart, always seeking adventure and inspiration.

Dogs are his furry soulmates.

When he’s not making music or traveling, you’ll find him hanging out with his canine pals. They give him unconditional love and support, and he knows they’ll always be there for him.

Writing is his other creative outlet.

When he needs to put his thoughts and feelings into words, he turns to writing. It’s another way for him to share his unique perspective on life and connect with others.

Remo is a true artist, a free spirit with a passion for life’s simple joys.

He reminds us that music, nature, animals, and creativity can bring us endless happiness, even when the world gets loud and busy.


Personal Details – Bio


NameLuís Remo de Maria Bernardo Fernandes
Birth DateMay 8th, 1953
Zodiac SignTaurus
ProfessionSongwriter, singer, musician and performer
Mothers Name Luiza Fernandes
Mothers NameBernardo Fernandes
SiblingsBelinda Fernandes
Wife’s NameMichele Delahaye
ChildrenNoah and Jonah


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Remo Fernandes best known for?

He’s widely recognized for his unique blend of Goan, Portuguese, and Indian influences in his music. Songs like “Yeh Hai Jalwa,” “Goan Crazy,” and “Humma Humma” from the movie “Bombay” brought him national fame.

2. Is Remo Fernandes still making music?

Yes! He recently released his album “Aaj” in 2019, which was his most ambitious project yet. He continues to perform live and remains a beloved figure in the Indian music scene.

3. What is Remo Fernandes known for besides music?

Passionate traveler: He relishes exploring new places and finding inspiration in diverse cultures.
Devoted dog lover: Remo has a deep connection with dogs and their unwavering companionship.
Gifted writer: He expresses his inner world through poetry and writing, offering glimpses into his thoughts and emotions.
4. Where does Remo Fernandes live?

He divides his time between Goa, India, and Porto, Portugal. This allows him to connect with his Goan roots while experiencing the vibrant European city life.

5. What are some interesting facts about Remo Fernandes?

1- He started playing music at the tender age of five!
2- He composed his first love song when he was just 14 years old.
3- Remo was an architect before fully pursuing music.
4- He has been actively involved in social and environmental causes, using his voice to advocate for positive change.


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