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Music Quiz: Channel your inner rockstar and test your music IQ!

Dive into the deep ocean of music trivia with this quiz all about the legends who make the melodies sing: the iconic musicians, the soulful singers, and the wordsmiths who weave magic with lyrics. Hike up the hill of music history, take a stroll through the lawn of chart-topping hits, and hum along to a tune of accomplishment as you answer each question.


Music Quiz | Konkani Music | The Fun & Fizzy Konkani Music Quiz


General knowledge is like a treasure map, and music is one of its most vibrant lands. By taking this quiz, you’ll not only expand your musical horizons, but you’ll also sharpen your critical thinking, boost your memory, and maybe even discover a new favorite artist or song. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your metaphorical microphone and let the quiz begin!


General Knowledge

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What is the original name of Chris Perry?

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In which year Lorna Cordeiro was born

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Who gave Alfred Rose the nickname "junior Rose?

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What is H. Brittons real name?

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Rita & Alfred opened a shop at Mahim, Bombay in 1965, what was the name of the shop?

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Rita Rose played a heroines role in Konkani hit movie opposite Prem Kumar, which movie was that

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Rita & Alfred Rose got married in which year

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C. Alvares was his stage name, what was his real name?

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Antonette Mendes is her stage name, what is her real name?

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Late Robin Vaz has written and directed 27 tiatr's which was his first or maiden tiatr?

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