Who is Alfred Rose?

Who is Alfred Rose? | Melody King Of Goa

Who is Alfred Rose?


Alfred Rose the melody king of Goa was born in Aldona at a village called Lankdem – Carona on August 5 in the year 1932.

Besides composing music and lyrics in Konkani he also sang a few English songs, “Flower “ was the very first song.

For about thirty-five years of their married life, along with his wife Rita Rose they won the hearts of the Konkani music lovers. They delighted the audiences with their lovely meaningful songs by singing together either solos or duets.

He has three children Schubert, Englebert and daughter Alria.

Early Life

His full name is Rosario Alfred Rose born to a tiatrist father A.M.B. Rose (Ambrose Fernandes) who was also a tiatrist at that time. His mothers name is Dolarosa Fernandes.

Nicknamed Junior Rose by tiatrist late C. Alvares in the year 1943. He being the youngest amongst all tiatrists when he made his stage debut at the very young age of 11 years.

Alfred Rose decided to take this name in the year 1950 and since then his family is better known as the Rose family.

Melody King – Alfred Rose

Alfred Rose, was also known as the man with the golden voice by the HMV recording company. He was so talented that he has songs composed by him about 5000 or more.

He also had his own band called Rosebuds Swing Band and had many musicals shows conducted in a few countries around the world.

His trademark Panama hat on his head and a magic wand in his hand became his most identifiable image to Konkani music lovers around the world.

Konkani Films and Tiatrs

Besides acting in tiatrs he also acted in the famous Konkani film Amchem Noxib in the year 1963 and Sukhachem Sopon.

He provided music and lyrics and sang in the film called Bogllant, which was released in the year 1975. He also produced and directed his first tiatr ‘Hench Tem Karan’ in the year 1956 and since then has a lot many tiatrs under his belt.

According to a few Alfred Rose was the first to introduce the concept of non-stop drama in his tiatr “Director Saib” in the year 1961.

Alfred Rose – The First Credits

He was the first Goan Konkani show presenter on Doordarshan during the 80s – 90s.

He was the very first to compose, produce, write the lyrics and release the maiden Konkani album.

Alfred Rose also has the distinction to present the first-ever Konkani musical shows with his family.

And surely one of the firsts to release Konkani novels titled Vingans Monte Christochem and Monis vo Devnchar.

Another landmark, he was the first to release fourteen Konkani songbooks containing lyrics.


He had love for music and promoted Konkani over the world via his songs, music and tiatrs.

Sadly in the year 2000, he had his first attack. He performed his last show in Canada in the year 1999.

The sad end came soon after, Alfred Rose dead on 21 October 2003 at the age of 71 at Mahim –Mumbai.

He will live forever in the hearts and the minds of all Konkani speaking people around the world.

Every song will be cherished forever, you are the Jim Reeves of Goa.

May your soul rest in peace

Alfred Rose Top 10 Songs – Solos & Duets

 – Agent Fottkire

 – Adlem Bhurgeponn

 – Beauty Queen of Goa

 – Teacher Nachonk Xinkoita

 – Tin Vorsancho Sangath

 – Gupit Mog

 – Beatrice

 – Goenchi Fenni

 – Mog Dakhoi

 – Kallzachem Suknnem


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